Amid the Fire

We cry
We scream
We shout
It seems
They cannot hear
Our pain’s extreme
We try
We reach
To shut
The breach
While we retain
Their hollow speech
We mourn
We grieve
Our hearts
While evil lays
The good to rest
We clash
We fight
We shake
With fright
While madness takes
This world by flight
We stray
We cease
To strive
For peace
Abandon love
In quick release
We search
We scour
(As fears
For answers in
This wretched hour
We seek
We find
With heart
And mind
That in our sorrows
We’ve been blind
We ask—
Our fears
Salvation came
When we believed
He came
He died
As heaven
And sin and death
Were magnified
He rose
He lives
And offers an
We yield
We see
That through
Him we
Have finally gained
The victory
We smile—
As joys
To love the world
Amid the fire.

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