Rainbow in the Evening

Rainbow in the evening
How do I even know you’re there?
When life could use a little color,

Can you hear my silent prayer?

My vision’s clouded in this darkness
My eyes can only see so far
I’m straining to perceive your beauty

But I still don’t know where you are.

Morning’s never seemed so distant
Will you be here when it arrives?
I long to trust in your existence

But this night consumes our lives.

I feel the red amid your absence
And in my heart that beats for you
Though I’ve been tightly stitched and bandaged

Blood is slowly seeping through.

Orange and yellow try to warm me
But they’re hidden out of sight
A sunset buried by a landfill

That slips away the more I fight.

I don’t believe in green assurance
When my world is only gray
No signs of life among this desert

Although I’m begging you to stay.

Are oceans blue because of sadness?
Seclusion running deep and wide
The waves extend the space between us

Currents lengthen our divide.

The purple hue of injured dreaming
Will bruise and ail me as I wait
As I’m expectant, you are measured

Because your light is so innate.

Is your beauty still authentic?
Is your promise really true?
Can I believe in your sweet presence

As this evening covers you?

Though I can’t see you, are you with me?
Can you hear my silent prayer?
My life could really use your color

I really need to know you’re there.

My rainbow in the evening
Your vibrant life will see me through
When the rising sun comes kindly
To revive my world with you.


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