Fertility Art Series

Fertility Art Series

This set of four postcard-sized prints was created to uplift and honor those who have had a difficult journey to pregnancy and parenthood. Infertility, pregnancy complications, and loss can be a lonely, exhausting place to be. It’s easy to feel broken and empty, or like you’ve lost pieces of yourself you’ll never get back. I created this series to speak into the silence that comes with fertility struggles.

Because we are worthy.

We are valuable.

We are beautiful.

We are brave.

For anyone whose body has made them feel broken
For anyone who has struggled with fertility and pregnancy
For anyone who has lost pieces of themselves to heartache
For anyone whose light has been dimmed by grief

The Story Behind the Series

This series was created as I was going through 3 months of fertility treatment while trying to conceive. After 1 full year and 3 insemination procedures, we became pregnant with our 2nd baby, which we ended up miscarrying. While this series is inspired by our heartache through infertility and miscarriage, it’s meant to also pay tribute to the grieving heart in general.

The first, “I Am Perfect,” is for anyone who is struggling with illness, injury, or health complications, and those who have felt broken because of their bodies.

The second, “I Am Fulfilled,” is for anyone who has experienced infertility, pregnancy complications, or loss on their journey to parenthood.

The third and fourth, “I Am Complete” and “I Am More Than My Grief,” are for anyone who has experienced the pain and grief of loss and heartache.

Fertility Series Art Postcard Prints (4)

Set of 4 quality 5×7 prints Please note: No return option available for this product. Shipping included in price. Please allow 2-5 business days for item to ship. Full shop in progress. Product currently only available for PayPal purchase.


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