Nina Correa White

I dream in words and acrylic

& Parenthood

Fertility Art Series

About Me:

My name is Nina and I dream in words and acrylic. I pride myself in being a Virginia Beach native, and you may spot me paddle boarding in one of the city’s many bodies of water come summer. I am also known to brag on my alma mater, Old Dominion University, from which I received my Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing in 2013, and my MFA in Writing/Fiction in 2020. My happy place consists of a warm, cozy space surrounded by family—bonus if ice cream or mac and cheese are included. 

I may have been born a dreamer, but it took me some time to know what to make of it. Much of my early years were spent chasing the wrong dreams. It was only after breaking both my legs that I was able to slow down enough to notice the marvelous possibilities of being a creator—hiding deep within my injured self was an artist and writer just waiting to be discovered. I now live my life in pursuit of my dreams, because they are what make my life extraordinary. They keep me believing that life is bigger than the world, that adventure is more than experiences, and that living means more than just breathing and surviving. My dreams taught me that life is immeasurable. Life is greater than what we can see with our own eyes. It can be anything you choose to make it. And that’s a truly beautiful thing.