Let Us Not Forget Our Friends

Let us not forget our friends

We’ve lost over the years.

The world cries, yet through the cost of you

You’ve calmed our hurt and fears.


You’ve cried for us, and fought for us

So now we cry for you

Your memory preserved in turn

For what you’ve had to do.


It was not fair you had to go

When through you we remain

You gave your life so we would live

Through your loss, we find gain.


Dear friends, you’ve left us with a faith

That all is not yet lost

Though you are gone, life still moves on

Through such a precious cost.


Let us not forget you, friends

Who, through your gift you gave

Protection, peace, perseverance, pride

To us, whose lives you save.


In memory of the lives lost on and after 9/11

And for all those who’ve given their lives so that we may freely live

One thought on “Let Us Not Forget Our Friends

  1. I needed that reminder. I am so glad you are sharing your amazing gift with all the people who choose to read and be a part of this journey with you. 😀


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