Your Love Will Change the World

The world is dark
The world is cold
But you are bright
And you are bold.
You’re sunshine, kindness,
Color, light,
Amid this hollow
Calloused fight.
You’re life, you’re love,
Your presence gives
Us confidence
That good still lives.
You’re innocence,
You’re truth and peace,
As candor falls
And treaties cease.
Among the chaos
You shine bright
Among this darkness
You are light.
You hold the future
In your hands
You are the hope
That love still stands.
Keep shining bright,
Keep holding on,
Keep loving well
And being strong.
His greatest blessings
Still hold true
It’s evidence
Alive in you.
Sweet child, be brave,
You’ll find your way
Your love will change
The world someday.

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