I’m in pieces
Floating, fluttering, flying
Split, divided,
Grasping, trying
To fix me, dry
My ever crying
Eyes and keep my
Mind from lying
Telling tales
And crafting fears
I shout but no one
Ever hears
Or flips the switch
To halt the tears
So all my ink
Splotches and smears
My words are scattered
This letter torn
The wind blasts through
And aids the storm
I’m cast aside
And tossed around
Dispersed like litter
On the ground
I feel You near
But not enough
I can’t reach You
This gale’s too rough
For every fight
I make to stand
I’m hurled back down
Sent on remand
And here I break
And finally cry
Grieved and despaired
“I’m going to die”
But then I see
Your outstretched hands
You’re reaching out
You understand
My pain is Yours
You’re crying too
My shrieks and sobs
Are touching You
I say, “Please help me,
Please don’t leave
Please rescue me
I cannot breathe”
You say, Just trust me,
I say, “No”
You say, You need
To first let go
“I can’t”
You can
“But I can’t see”
No need to fear
When you have Me
“The wind’s too strong,
I cannot stand”
I’ll hold you up,
just take My hand
“But I’m not whole,
I’m torn and frayed
And parts of me
Have blown away”
I have them all,
Each time you break
I gather you
And keep you safe
“Can I be fixed?
Am I too late?
I’ve lost the fight
My pain’s too great”
Just as I shut
My eyes in grief
I catch a glimpse
Of sweet relief
I turn and see
In shining light
The cross before me
Burning bright
And You are there
Drawing me in
As You have ever been
And though I waver
You repeat
I’m covering you,
You’re whole, complete,
In boundless mercy
Grace so pure
My strength is yours
So fight, endure
My hand’s still in this
I’m still here
I’ll never leave you
Do not fear
This agony
This piercing grief
Will someday spark
Steadfast belief
Through this, I lead you
So you’ll see
Each time you break
There’s victory
You’ll overcome
I’ll see you through
Mend and restore
And make you new
You take my hand
And lead the way
The cross before us
It’s light array
With every breath
I’m being made stronger
You’re holding me
So I’m no longer
In pieces
Floating, fluttering, flying
No longer split
No longer crying
Made whole in love
You’re now supplying
Now I’m alive
Instead of dying
Sheltered in peace
Relieved of fears
Emitting joy
Rather than tears
I’ve been rewritten
Cleaned and cleared
So by my life
You’ll stand revered
A testament of
Saving grace
When healing came
Through Your embrace.

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