Emotional Surplus: Navigating the Many Emotions of Infertility, Foster Care, and Pregnancy

Since we found out I was pregnant in late January, I have been navigating an overwhelming surplus of emotions. Amid wrestling sheer disbelief in what my eyes and body were telling me, I also struggled with an immense amount of guilt that is embarrassing to even admit given the fact that we had just receivedContinue reading “Emotional Surplus: Navigating the Many Emotions of Infertility, Foster Care, and Pregnancy”

New Year, New Perspective

It’s been easy for me to forget that we have so much to be thankful for. Although 2018 was filled with beautiful destinations and adventures in foreign places, with countless laughs shared with each other and many family and friends, with working hard to achieve new goals, and with exploring the uncharted territory of welcomingContinue reading “New Year, New Perspective”

The Time We Were Almost a Family of Three

When Foster Placements Fall Through I am standing in front of a room that I’ve just spent the last day and a half getting ready for a little boy—looking through drawers, digging through the closet, sorting through toys to see which are age appropriate and which should be put away because he won’t need them.Continue reading “The Time We Were Almost a Family of Three”

The Twists and Bends to Twenty-Seven

As another year of this crazy, awesome, unpredictable, scary, exhilarating thing I call my life comes to a close, I find myself yet another year speechless and amazed as I watch the glowing flames melt the shining wax on twenty-seven birthday candles. I can honestly say that despite the array of ups and downs thatContinue reading “The Twists and Bends to Twenty-Seven”

Why I Was Afraid of Foster Care, and Why I’m Not Anymore

I’ve already cried over the goodbye multiple times. Actually, I cried over the goodbye within the first ten minutes of meeting the boys. As soon as that sweet little five-year-old boy looked at me as I held his crying baby brother in my arms and told me he wanted to take care of him, asContinue reading “Why I Was Afraid of Foster Care, and Why I’m Not Anymore”

As We Begin This New Adventure

Becoming Foster Parents To all the sweet children who will be sharing our home, I know our time together may be short. For you, it may just seem like one of a dozen stops on an unpredictable, undesired journey. I know our home will probably not be what you had in mind. It probably won’tContinue reading “As We Begin This New Adventure”