The Twists and Bends to Twenty-Seven

As another year of this crazy, awesome, unpredictable, scary, exhilarating thing I call my life comes to a close, I find myself yet another year speechless and amazed as I watch the glowing flames melt the shining wax on twenty-seven birthday candles. I can honestly say that despite the array of ups and downs thatContinue reading “The Twists and Bends to Twenty-Seven”

Why I Was Afraid of Foster Care, and Why I’m Not Anymore

I’ve already cried over the goodbye multiple times. Actually, I cried over the goodbye within the first ten minutes of meeting the boys. As soon as that sweet little five-year-old boy looked at me as I held his crying baby brother in my arms and told me he wanted to take care of him, asContinue reading “Why I Was Afraid of Foster Care, and Why I’m Not Anymore”

As We Begin This New Adventure

Becoming Foster Parents To all the sweet children who will be sharing our home, I know our time together may be short. For you, it may just seem like one of a dozen stops on an unpredictable, undesired journey. I know our home will probably not be what you had in mind. It probably won’tContinue reading “As We Begin This New Adventure”

A Series of Promises, Part III

A Likeness of Gideon Starting fertility treatment was a terrifying thing. Not only was I going to be putting my body through an incredible amount of stress, but upon agreeing to try three rounds of fertility drugs, I was opening up my mind to a whole new world of possibility, and opening up my heartContinue reading “A Series of Promises, Part III”

Letter to Our Baby, Part II

From: A Series of Promises, Part II February 2017 Our Sweet Baby, Things have been harder than usual waiting for you. Even as I’ve been trying harder than ever to cling to God’s promises of you, I’ve been struggling. I know this is just another test of my faith and patience. I know that you are nearerContinue reading “Letter to Our Baby, Part II”

A Series of Promises, Part II

The Song and the Sermon It’s hard to predict the kind of things that are going to set me off. I never know what kind of things are going to prompt that hateful, pulsing lie that’s become a part of me, the one that’s been buried deep within me since I first found out weContinue reading “A Series of Promises, Part II”

A Series of Promises, Part I

The Light in the Window I had a dream that God was standing beside our bed in the middle of the night, watching over us as we slept. I always close our curtains at night, yet when I opened my eyes, the curtains were drawn open. I couldn’t see God standing beside us, yet somehow,Continue reading “A Series of Promises, Part I”

When Grief Shakes You

This is Infertility Seven years ago, we reconnected. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love. We were so alike that it didn’t take much; we just simply fit together. Three years ago, we were married. It was the easiest transition of our lives. Some people say the first year of marriage isContinue reading “When Grief Shakes You”